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We’re building a resource library for DairyComp customers that features how-to videos ranging from quick tips to more in-depth analysis. Stay tuned as we continue to grow this resource and add new videos to provide you with an easy and quick way to learn more about your program and how you can maximize its’ use on your farm.

Features of DairyComp 101:

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DairyComp makes saving your valuable herd information convenient and safe. In the unfortunate circumstance of a hard drive failure, having your backups properly setup will ensure you don’t lose everything.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to automatically backup your information and test your backups setup to ensure it is done correctly.

Electronic ID (EID) Manager

EID Manager is a great tool within DairyComp used to facilitate data entry of newborn calves. This tutorial video will show you how to quickly enter a batch of full 15-digit registrations numbers, and then properly assign them to new calves as they are born. Using EID Manager makes recording and reporting requirements for Traceability easy and efficient.