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If your herd is enrolled on the Certificate of Production option you can now print certificates from your computer. If you are not currently enrolled on the Certificates of Production option but would like to be, talk to your DHI field staff or call the Customer Help Desk at 1-800-549-4373.

Accessing Certificates of Production from the Internet
Certificates of Production will be available on the Internet exactly the same as your Herd and SCC reports. They will appear as a file along with the other reports you are currently receiving through the Internet (see Figure 1). As these files are saved on the Internet for only 3 months after the test you will want to save the files to your computer for future reference.

Certificates of Production are different from the other reports available through Internet Reports because information about an individual animal is contained on both sides of the page. You can print the reports single sided, however, it is possible to print them double sided even if your printer only prints on one side. This will give you Certificates similar to the ones you receive from DHI and will save you paper.

Printing Certificates of Production
To print the reports double sided, like the Certificates you currently receive, follow these steps:

Figure 1

1. Open the Cert-Prod file (see Figure 1), by double clicking on the file name with your left mouse button. Adobe Acrobat will open and page 1 of the first Certificate will be shown

2. There may be more than one Certificate contained in the file. To determine how many Certificates are contained in the file look at the bottom left of the screen (Figure 2). Each Certificate contains 2 pages of information so divide the total number of pages by 2 to determine the number of Certificates.

3. To print the Certificates double sided you will need to print the front page of all of the certificates first. To do this:

  • Click on the printer icon in the top left corner of the screen (Figure 2). A print screen will open. On the Print screen, (Figure 3) at the bottom left, it says Print. Using the drop down menu select Odd Pages Only and click OK.

The first page of each of the Certificates will print.

4. When the first page of the Certificates has printed, take the printed pages and put them back in the paper tray to print the second page on the back. (Note: You will need to determine the correct order and orientation of the paper so that the Certificate prints correctly. Suggestion: use 'trial and error') When the paper has been oriented correctly repeat step 3 above, except in the Print menu select Even Pages Only.

If you have questions please call the DHI Customer Service Desk at 1-800-549-4373.

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