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DHI Mastitis test enhanced to include Prototheca

The identification of Prototheca is now part of the routine DNA Mastitis testing service. This enhancement to the test is being provided to customers at no additional cost.

The mastitis service from DHI, now renamed Mastitis 4 (from Mastitis 3), includes the identification of Staph aureus, Strep agalactiae, Mycoplasma bovis and now Prototheca. More

DHI Mastitis 4 Milk Test

Lower price for routine
dry off pregnancy checks

DHI is now offering their Milk Pregnancy Test at a reduced rate for herds that sign up on automatic routine dry off checks.

Producers simply have to enroll with their DHI staff and decide at what days carried calf cows should be tested.

Herds must enroll all cows to be tested prior to dry off and the cows must be at least 160 days bred/carried calf to qualify for the lower price.

Milk Pregnancy Test Proves Popular with Producers

Milk pregnancy test receives
Innovation Award at World Dairy Expo

The milk pregnancy test was recognized at the Innovation Awards during the 2013 World Dairy Expo.

It was voted as one of the 10 most innovative products of 2013 in the judged contest. In addition, the milk pregnancy test was the winner of the People’s Choice Award. Below is an excerpt of the press release. More